Full Service Funeral $4,900.00


As with many of our services, the Full Service Funeral allows for the sharing of a celebration and tribute of the loved one's life. Our staff will ensure that every detail is taken care of.

This service gives tribute to the life and achievements of a loved one. The gathering of family and friends offers a special time to cherish the memories and shared thoughts of the loved one. It is an opportunity for those left behind to comfort and support each other. Families may choose to enhance this service by displaying personal photographs and special mementos. During this important time, our professional staff will serve our families, we will coordinate the Remembrance Service.

  • Transportation of the deceased*
  • Preparation of the required documents and authorizations
  • Embalming and cosmetic preparation for open casket viewing
  • Coordination and supervision of funeral service
  • Use of hardwood rental casket
  • Cremation or transportation to cemetery for burial
  • Alternative container
  • Basic guest register book, memorial folders and thank you notes

*Additional mileage charges may apply.