When Death occurs, what should I do?

Once you receive permission from the medical authorities, Cremation Society of Kentucky should be
called immediately. Our staff transports your loved one to our facility. When all authorization is signed
and the legal permit has been obtained, cremation takes place.

How can I ensure the integrity of the cremated remains of our loved ones?

Cremation Society of Kentucky uses sophisticated identification procedures, the same type used in
hospitals. The body is placed in an empty cremation chamber and then cremated.

What happens if the death occurs while out of state?

If death occurs elsewhere, one call to Cremation Society of Kentucky is all that is necessary. Our
professional staff will handle all arrangements according to your wishes.

Do I have to be embalmed before I can be cremated?

Most funeral homes have to embalm because they don’t offer refrigeration. We use a refrigeration
system, which is included in the price.

How are Social Security and Veterans benefits handled?

Cremation Society of Kentucky assists you in applying for death benefits, which are paid directly to you.
Veterans may receive cash benefits, cemetery space and a marker if certain requirements are met.

Can I prepay the cremation costs?

Yes. The cost is guaranteed if you pre-pay. Your funds are placed in a state-approved plan. The funds
are released to us after the death takes place and the services are rendered.

Does the price include the cremation fee?

Yes, everything regarding the cremation is included in the price, there are no hidden fees.

What if I cannot afford to pre-pay for services all at once?

Affordable payment options are available. Our skilled and caring staff will help find a payment plan that works best for you.